Simply Fit Board Reviews – Does The Simply Fit Board Work

Simply Fit Board Reviews:

Welcome  to another episode of ridiculous reviews a series where we find the most ridiculous products in the world.I mean you see that a lot they’re all over Amazon there all over infomercials and what not but this one that we’re going to check out today is probably one of the most popular gimmicky work out products that so that’s on the market right now.

So today we are going to Simply Fit Board Reviews check out the simply a fit to board the simply fed board is a product that was on shark tank was the lady’s name that ended up partnering with Laura Laurie partnered with them but I Think in working out and sweating that’s why I fell in love with the simply fit board.

Simply Fit Board Reviews

Apparently they’ve sold like 40 million dollars or something or more worth of these plastic boards.

Were slaving away making these videos in this hot dark basement we could have just made a piece of plastic and twirled on it and twirled on and been millionaires we got two of these and they go for around 40 Bucks I think basically comes in A cardboard box I got you the magenta.

Benefit of Simply Fit Board:

All in all I think it can burn and tone your mid section I don’t know about anything else I could just put the burger on you that’s disgusting sorry however I think that if you were to only stick to this and become a little bit monotonous I can’t see myself doing this for more than like five minutes.

It definitely I would say works but so does a lot of things I think it’s good for your core but there’s a lot of other actresses out there that are good for your core ten minutes okay but I mean it’s a product that obviously was just marketed very well and that was the day that’s the big difference between this and some others that aren’t as popular I think they had the shark tank approval forty Bucks if people it’s it’s an it’s an impulse buy for people.

It works your stabilizing muscles and stuff should this product itself be worth millions and millions of dollars this company I am probably not but that’s that’s the hype train at its best will you use it again that’s the ten that’s the test we have a Nordic track we have other work out gear here and the thing is just finding something that’s enjoyable and fun to use I want to get one of those bikes that you can do like you know you can go online and do the classes but they’re expensive but I mean what I want to get up on this instead of getting up on the. Nordictrack probably now I’d rather run on the treadmill and use this thing.

Does The Simply Fit Board Work?

This might work your core better than treadmill but it’s not like super enjoyable or anything I just don’t think this alone is going to give you the body that you want if you if you spend thirty minutes doing any kind of exercise every day and you eat well you can get a nice body you’re not gonna get buff office thing but it definitely does help like the stomach and the core more than some other like you know electrical or a or a treadmills yeah but I think it’s one of those where if they’ve sold millions of them probably ninety five percent of them are already under that under those people’s beds or something.


Does The Simply Fit Board Work


So all in all I’m is it worth buying for forty Bucks maybe if it looks fine to you is there anything like special about it will a fat man like me want to continue using it probably not I’d rather die and Use the treadmill and do push ups and stuff or just get a generator that some people may like that some people may like that it’s not the traditional working out push ups sit ups the Coolest thing about this in my opinion is how this will double as a very cool sled for the kids were just trying to like slide down a hill and stay balanced on this Even Dr your feet.

How To Use Simply Fit Board?
The simply fit for a balance board with a twist today you were watching the getting started user’s guide where I’m going to teach you exactly how to do the basic twist to maximize your benefits in the least amount of time and let’s go ahead and get started with the basic twist when you first up on to the simply fit board we highly recommend having something stable next to you that you can hold onto like a chair a table the couch the go ahead and grab on and put your foot on the outer edge of the board just inside the handles on those outer circles and then slowly put your other foot in the same space on the other side of the board and then just rock front to back and side to side get a feel for the board a lot of people say the basic twist is too difficult for them at first and that is so Kate just standing on the board and rocking like I’m doing is improving my balance and it’s working all of my stabilizing muscles might get angles my legs my core my back holding on just spend five to ten minutes a day every day doing this you will be amazed at how quickly your balance improved your core strength improves and then you feel comfortable.
Enough to start the basic twist now when you start the basic twist always keep a slight bend in your knees keep your back straight your head up and start slow warm up those back muscles as you start you definitely want to twist at the waist we get a lot of questions do I twist my with my legs or my waist you should not be moving your knee joints at all I’m I have a torn meniscus in my right knee and that’s why I love this board it’s no impact I do not twist my knee joints it should not be any there should not be any pain in your name and you can just slowly start to twist you’ll immediately fill your ABS engage your core engage your muffin top your obliques and you’re going to feel your heart rate work out that is the beauty of this board is not only are you building all those core muscles when your waistline getting rid of that muffin top but you are working up your heart rate so you’re burning calories and burning fat at the same time that’s why you see benefits and results so fast so going hold on get a feeling for the board as you twist when you feel comfortable let go now you’re able to twist free Lee at this point we highly recommend adding in hand weights now I have five pound hand weights here but if you use two or three pounds ten pounds whatever feels comfortable to you another way to make sure you’re twisting right is to keep your head right straight down to your side to start and just slowly start to swing your arms your board will naturally start to twist in the right form and the right way that once you’ve warmed up the more you get the board twisting around the more you’re going to fill in your court tight not core as you’re twisting as well you can see how my heart rate works up almost immediately then when you get the feel of this go ahead bend your arms at ninety degrees and twist this is now giving you a true full body workout your legs your core your back your biceps your shoulders your triceps all are working with this one moved in fact the other night I did thirty minutes of twisting holding five pound hand weights I punch every once in awhile I kept my arms bent when I got tired I straighten them out the next day I was sore from head to toe you know my back my upper back my shoulders my biceps my ABS were burning my legs hurt so bad that I always like to say I was just amazed all over again at this one move and how it affects and benefit your entire body so one of the questions we get a lot is why is my board moving or walking all over the floor when I first started that is so simple you generally it works itself out in one to two weeks but in the meantime.
It’s simply because you are leaning her putting too much weight forward or to one side and it’s generally because your back or your torso is leaning and your head is down as you can see what my weight is forward the board goes forward when my weight is back the board goes back I can actually control where the board goes just as where I put my weight now.
If you are leaning forward or if you are moving forward just focus on straightening up your back keeping your head up maybe focused on a spot on the wall and if you start to move forward tell the board back slightly you’ll see that most of your weight is on your toes or you’re the pads of your feet when you should tell the back keep some way on your heels it just needs to be balanced and re centered I’m telling you if you just practice at this you’re gonna get better you’re going to be able to walk all around just like I can or of course stay in place like you want to but just worked practice that as your balance improved that’ll start to work out as well.
You know there are so many other work out you can do on the board from squats push ups plank bridges but truly if all you want to do is the basic twist that’s all you need to do I do it almost every night while I’m watching TV the kids go to bed it’s quiet and a lot of people to get to their office because if they’re on the computer they can stand up during their breaks can get a quick five to ten minutes in without disturbing their coworkers because it’s silent just an easy way to loosen up that back get a quick work out in throughout the day we want the board to benefit your life we thank you so much for supporting our family business to find some of our other workouts check out our website at dot simply fit board dot com thank you again we hope you have a great day.


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